Flood Prevention works with Environmental habitat for local Parish Council

Fen Group was approached by a local Parish Council to help with flooding issues on the Dam Brook, running through a local housing estate. On the first visit it was evident that several properties had been flooded on two previous occasions. After a site and environmental survey, several control measures where applied and a maintenance programme was produced that was tailored to their specific requirements.

The issues addressed, where embankment erosion at the toe and collapse during periods of high flood water.

Despite being in the middle of a housing estate the location has considerable wildlife habitats and this was fundamental when designing the works. The project approached was to eliminate the risk to properties, at the same time to enhance the habitat.

The embankments in some areas have been re-shaped and supported using wooden piles, this was carried out, by placing coir rolls at the foot of the embankment not only as a support but also to encourage the re-growth of vegetation and provide habitat for the water vole population.

The embankments had an erosion blanket installed to the high-risk areas, then the embankments were top soiled prior to seeding with a specialist mix. Some areas of the Dam Brook where so badly eroded that in the long term would have potentially caused subsidence to several properties, so alternative measures had to be taken including installing gabion baskets to stop further erosion. This was approached by cutting into the embankment to maintain the channel width and installing a new granite base, then installing gabion baskets together with an anti-erosion blanket. As a result, after heavy rainfall over the winter period, this proved successful and stabilised the embankment in the areas of high risk.

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Embankment stabilisation, using wooden piles and tow boards

Environmental approach for both water vole habitat and soft embankment engineering

Gabion Baskets, filled with rock to support the embankment during high water levels

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