Nov 30

Specialist Environmental Works Undertaken

When delicate environmental works require specialist equipment and a thorough understanding of the issues Fen Group prove again to be the obvious choice.news 1

Large scale civil engineering projects are increasingly required to invest in the environmental wellbeing of the site and surrounding areas as part of the planning conditions. On this occasion permission for the erection of a large wind turbine required compensation for the loss of suitable great crested newt habitat as a result of the works. Two existing ponds outside the site required enhancement to improve the ponds for great crested newts.

The work was undertaken in an adjoining country park in full consultation with the park rangers and under the supervision of an ecologist. It involved vegetation clearance of the reeds which were choking the waterbodies and the creation of areas of open water to encourage a more suitable environment for newt habitation.

news 2We completed the works using our 15 meter reach, JCB JS220 excavator equipped with a specialist reed cutting bucket. For added environmental security this machine runs on bio-degradable oil.